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Park Leaders at K-2265

2023-05-05 by Rev. Fr. Robert Bower

I jumped on pota.app to verify the park number for Potato Creek and what do I see but three club members listed under Park Leaders.

As of today, May 5, 2023.

Barry Keating (WD4MSM) has the most activations at Potato Creek with ten; Chris Cook (N9JV) is second with eight; and Dave Ellis (N9UH) is tied for third with four.

Barry Keating (WD4MSM) is also second at Potato Creek for Activator QSO's with 211. Chris Cook (N9JV) is third with 180.

I think we are going to have a horse race on the 13th.

POTA Self Spotting with Winlink

2023-05-04 by Rev. Fr. Robert Bower

I found the following forum post about POTA self spotting with Winlink. I have not tried it yet but I plan to soon.

VA3BLV Jun '22

  • Self-Spotting using email/Winlink…

POTA spotting actions can be submitted by sending an email (Winlink/other) to POTAGW@outlook.com with all commands being sent in the subject line only. The body of emails will be ignored.

The following commands are currently supported:

  • Self-Spot

SPOT [ActivatorCall] [ParkReference] [FreqInKhz] [Mode] [Comment]

Example: SPOT W4PI K-TEST 14321 SSB This is a comment

  • View Active Spots

VIEWSPOTS #An email reply will be sent with a list of active spots.

73, Marc - VA3BLV


Taken from: https://community.hamrs.app/t/spotting-myself-or-others/2095/3

Zettelkasten ID potaspottingwinlink-2023-05-04-1540

Parking Lot POTA

2023-02-25 by Rev. Fr. Robert Bower W9RWB WRPH745

Today after the LaPorte Hamfest I stopped by Chamberlain Lake Nature Preserve, K-4189. It is a 82.7 acre preserve with 1.5 miles of trails. Today, I didn't hit the trails I hit the air waves. After seeing Barry, WD4MSM, doing Winter Field Day in the back of his SUV, I had the idea of doing parking lot POTA. I ordered a Tram Tri-Magnet Antenna Mount and tried it out today. I used the mount with my Wolf River Coil. In twenty minutes I had thirteen contacts, all within the comfort of my car.

While I wouldn't want to do all my POTAs from the inside of my car, it is nice to have the option to do POTA from inside the car if the weather doesn't cooperate.