POTA Self Spotting with Winlink

2023-05-04 by Rev. Fr. Robert Bower

I found the following forum post about POTA self spotting with Winlink. I have not tried it yet but I plan to soon.

VA3BLV Jun '22

  • Self-Spotting using email/Winlink…

POTA spotting actions can be submitted by sending an email (Winlink/other) to POTAGW@outlook.com with all commands being sent in the subject line only. The body of emails will be ignored.

The following commands are currently supported:

  • Self-Spot

SPOT [ActivatorCall] [ParkReference] [FreqInKhz] [Mode] [Comment]

Example: SPOT W4PI K-TEST 14321 SSB This is a comment

  • View Active Spots

VIEWSPOTS #An email reply will be sent with a list of active spots.

73, Marc - VA3BLV


Taken from: https://community.hamrs.app/t/spotting-myself-or-others/2095/3

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