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Eclipse 2024

2024-03-22 by Robert Bower W9RWB

As many of you know Indiana is in the path of the solar eclipe on April 8, 2024. While Michiana is not in the path of the total eclipse, South Bend will have 96.9% coverage. To learn more about the solar eclipse go to the Nasa website https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2024/where-when/.

HamSCI is sponsoring several events related to the eclipse. More information can be found at https://hamsci.org/eclipse. One of those events is the Solar Eclipse QSO Party. The rules are at https://hamsci.org/seqp-rules.

Repeater Cost

2024-03-22 by Robert Bower W9RWB

I am taking off my Board Member hat for a minute and want to talk to you ham to ham.

I just sent a donation to a ham because I use his repeater. I would also urge any of you who use someone's repeater to do the same.

The cost of a repeater and it upkeep is not an inexpensive venture. There are the upfront cost of equipment, computers, coax, and antennas but there are also ongoing costs like electricity, Internet access, and repair.

So if you share in the benefit of a repeater please consider sharing in the cost of the same repeater.

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